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Discover Vita Liberata the World's first toxin free tan!

Vita Liberata are passionate experts in luxury tanning and skincare.

From their Irish base they created the world’s first odourless tan in 2007

and became the world’s first non-toxic tan brand in 2011.

(Vita Liberata has a green rating of ‘zero’ on all products on the Think Dirty App – the cleanest you can be!)

Vita Liberata believe in making no-compromise products.

They only create products that are completely non-toxic, organic, free from parabens, and free from alcohol and perfume.

Vita Liberata provides

natural skin colour
With a range of cutting edge tanning formulas to suit every skin type.

skin perfection
Our unique moisture locking system hydrates, conditions and nourishes skin.

skin enhancement
With products that smooth, moisturise and diminish imperfections.

skin protection
With Broad Spectrum SPF products and ingredients rich in antioxidants.


Made in the UK

Vita Liberata is manufactured in Northern Ireland and the HQ is located in London.


Paraben Free

All of the Vita Liberata products are paraben, alcohol and perfume free.


Cruelty free

Vita Liberata has never and will not ever test on animals.

Our Celebrity Vita Liberata Fans Include...

What makes Vita Liberata so good for your skin?

The combination of ingredients in our products combined with our unique moisture locking system draws water to the surface of the skin and locks it there for 72 hours, creating very soft skin and a perfect fade every time.

All of our products are bursting with certified organic extracts that are kind to skin, offering anti age benefits and conditioning. This enhances the natural-looking tan result as the skin is smooth, even and plump – the perfect base for tanning.

Due to our unique formulation, Vita Liberata tan solution dries on contact with skin so you can dress with confidence after just 5 minutes.

ODOUR REMOVE™ Thanks to Odour Remove™ technology, in an independent survey of 200 participants, 99% said Vita Liberata had no smell on the skin.

PERFECT FADE The non-toxic and organic nature of our products combined with our unique moisture locking system means all Vita Liberata tans dry instantly and fade perfectly. No snakeskin, patching or streaking; just a gentle fade to nothing, like a natural tan.

NON-TOXIC We have removed all toxic ingredients from our products. While fairly innocuous in themselves, ingredients on the Toxic List can create carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde when combined in a formula. Paraben preservatives have raised concerns due to their association with breast cancer tumours and perfume and alcohol are extremely drying to the skin so these are not added to any of our products.

Meet the Founder of Vita Liberata

Alyson Hogg established Vita Liberata in 2003 and has been the driving force behind its success. In the course of developing the range Alyson has become one of the most authoritative voices in the industry, taking an entirely new approach to move away from negative connotations around self tanning, towards natural, odourless, pure formulations that guarantee flawless results.

“ I am passionate about creating real alternatives to sun exposure. We use the smartest technology and the purest ingredients to deliver the most natural results. Choose with confidence. Every product was made with you in mind.”

Vita Liberata on location in Marrakesh in 2019!

Find out how you can become a Vita Liberata Salon Partner

If you are a beauty industry professional and would like more information on becoming a Vita Liberata Salon Partner please follow this link for more information
Become a Salon Partner.

We also have professional 1ltr spray solutions available in a range of fabulous shades!

We have opening order options to suit all budgets, and can tailor make a package that is perfect for your business and your clients.

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