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SLA Paris – the French, professional, natural, and cruelty free makeup line!

Find out why we love everything about SLA Paris!

SLA Paris is the culmination of over 30 years of design and development by French creator and visionary, Serge Louis Alvarez. Monsieur Alvarez has been hailed by both professionals and consumers as “The Professor” of professional makeup. SLA Paris is constantly innovating and advancing the world of makeup artistry from his eco friendly laboratory and factory in Valence, in the South of France where SLA Paris is designed, manufactured and marketed.

The professional and natural SLA Paris collection is distributed to more than 320 beauty schools in France.  Over 17,000 students work with SLA Paris in France alone. SLA Paris is distributed to 5 Star Day Spas and Salons, Makeup Schools, Professional Makeup Artists, and Film and TV Channels in Australia and New Zealand by Encore Beauty.

SLA Paris is a natural makeup range formulated with no parabens and no phenoxyethanol.  SLA Paris is cruelty FREE, no products are tested on animals!


Made in France

SLA Paris is manufactured in their own facility in the South of France


Paraben Free

All of the SLA Paris products are paraben free.


Cruelty free

SLA Paris has never and will not ever test on animals.

What makes SLA Paris so ethical, professional and so easy to apply?

DESIGNED BY A PRO ARTIST – SLA Paris is designed and manufactured by the “Professor”of makeup artistry Serge Louis Alvarez. Serge Louis Alvarez has had an incredible career in the Professional Makeup industry, including being the Director of the Paris Opera and Director of the Paris Theatre, and working with famous Fashion Designers such Paco Rabanne. He designed his first products in 1984 and opened his public company SLA Creation in 1992.

MADE IN FRANCE – SLA Paris is formulated and manufactured in our own laboratory and facility in Valence in the South of France.  Each and everyone of our products are innovative and unique!  Our manufacturing facility in Valence (South France) is 3000m2 and includes are own laboratory where are formulas are designed.

CRUELTY FREE – Our products are NOT tested on animals.

NATURAL FORMULATIONS – Our products are paraben free, phenoxyethanol free and in some cases are also comprised of organic ingredients.

12 STEPS OF MAKEUP – Every product box is numbered from 1-12 in the order that you would apply the products in a makeup application.  This makes for a very easy reference when you first use this range.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – SLA Paris is releasing refillable packaging where possible across the range (eye shadows and powders initially) which is both better for the environment with less plastic in landfill but also better economically speaking for the consumer.

MICRONISATION AWARD – In 2013 SLA Paris was awarded with the Prix H.Pierantoni de L’Innovation (Innovation Award) for the exclusive Micronisation System that they created. Our powders are now 10 times finer than any other powder manufactured by conventional methods. In 2014 SLA Paris was awarded with the Prix H.Pierantoni de L’Innovation (Innovation Award) again for developing a QR Code system per product (with application and training information) that was found inside every packaged product.

HIGH PIGMENTATION – Our pigment level is between 50-60%

ON TREND – We produce 2 fashion/colour stories each year which always include the release of new products. We also release 4 seasonal collection bags per year which are incased in gorgeous cosmetic bags and gift boxed beautifully!

Discover the magical world of SLA Paris!

Find out how you can become a SLA Paris Salon Partner

If you are a beauty industry professional and would like more information on becoming a SLA Paris Salon Partner please follow this link for more information
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We have display stand options to suit all budgets, and can tailor make a package that is perfect for your business and your clients.

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