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OMUM has developed a new generation of ORGANIC Cosmetics that is sensory and innovative, whilst effectively utilising active ingredients.
They have created technical and efficient products to answer the specific needs of the skin during and after pregnancy.

A positive, clean and efficient skincare brand, privileged partner of pregnant and breastfeeding women, and a companion to all women. 

Omum has been built on motherhood expertise and allows all women to cultivate their well-being with pleasure and kindness.

“Our purpose is to introduce future mothers to clean and efficient beauty rituals and to support them throughout motherhood.”

Omum is a certified organic skincare range, made from natural ingredients.

Clean formulas have been designed and researched to answer the needs of pregnant women, young mothers and all women who want to nurture their well-being and beauty with kindness.

*Every Omum product can be used from the 1st month of pregnancy and during the lactation period.

Discover more about this ECOCERT Organic cosmetic range here.

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