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How to make your foundation last all day long

Foundation is one of the easiest makeup products to apply, and can instantly create great looking skin, but that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll look flawless all day long. Makeup naturally settles into skin and fine lines and fades over time.  Your skin type affects this process, however you do have the power to keep your foundation looking and feeling fresh throughout the day! From choosing the right product to using setting powder, there are lots of things you can do to ensure your makeup lasts the distance.

1. Understand your skin

It won’t matter how expensive it is, or how natural it looks on your friend, if you buy the wrong foundation for your skin, you’ll never get great results. Knowing your skin type – be it dry/oily/combination or even a mixture – is key to purchasing the most suitable product.
If you have dry skin look for products that are going to be hydrating.
If you have oily skin, make sure to steer clear of anything that contains oil.
Don’t be afraid to use more than one type of product if you do find different areas of your face require special attention!

Photo Foundation for normal to oily skin

Photo foundation for normal to oil skin

Fluid Foundation for normal to dry skin

Fluid Foundation for normal to dry skin

2. Implement and follow a skincare regime

The easiest way for your foundation to look good all day is to have a great canvas to paint it on.
And for that to happen, you need to be sticking to a good skin routine (tailored to your skin type!).
Follow our easy skin care regime guide to rid the skin of impurities and encourage cell renewal which is central to maintaining clear skin. Improving your skin texture will not only allow the foundation to sit better, you’ll also use less product, which is win for both your skin and your bank balance!

3. Use Primer

If you aren’t already using primer, I’ll forgive you, but don’t let it happen again!! Primer is completely essential!
Primer acts as a barrier on your skin which locks in moisture and impedes the natural oils from immediately permeating your foundation. This layer therefore gives foundation something to stick to so that it isn’t absorbing the skin’s moisture or oil – which is why you might notice your skin feels dehydrated, you look exceptionally shiny or your foundation just slides off your face if you aren’t using a primer –  subsequently increasing the longevity of your makeup.  A great hydrating primer like the SLA Paris Skin Primer will keep your makeup in place and its natural and organic ingredients work to keep your skin feeling superb! Another type of primer is a complexion smoother such as the SLA Paris Makeup Studio Finish which you smooth over the skin after applying the SLA Paris Skin Primer.  This amazing product will fill in open pores and fine lines and creates a smooth long lasting barrier for your foundation to glide over, protecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin from outside pollutants.

SLA Paris Makeup Studio Finish for creating a smooth canvas

SLA Paris Organic Skin Primers to hydrate and prep the skin

4. Your Foundation

I could write a short novel on everything you need to know about foundation, but here’s what you need to know when it comes to making your foundation last all day:
– Try applying your foundation with a brush or sponge (or both) rather than fingers. Using fingers pushes the product around your face more than brushes and sponges do, and you aren’t as likely to get even coverage.
– Less is more! Depending on the coverage it may not exactly imitate your natural skin, but it certainly shouldn’t look like it’s caked on to create a completely new you. You really don’t need more than 1 pump of our SLA Paris foundation, any more and your foundation will crease or move as there’s simply too much on your face.

SLA Paris Oval Foundation Brush

Pro Foundation Makeup Brush Oval

SLA Paris Pro Blender Sponge

Pro blender makeup sponge

SLA Paris Flat Kabuki Brush

5. Set your makeup

The last (but often overlooked) step is setting your foundation with a setting or translucent powder. With a large soft powder brush, use circular motions to dust over a layer of setting powder – this will lock your foundation in place. It is also what is going to make your makeup look flawless for longer as it blurs fine lines and imperfections and gives a subtle matte finish. This step is mandatory, however especially beneficial if you have oily skin as it will help absorb excess oil.

If you do find you’re in need of a touch up during the day… be gentle. Blot away any excess oil and lightly press on more translucent powder; if you use your powder brush and circular motions you risk pushing your foundation around which is why you just need to pat on a nice new layer of powder.

SLA Paris Loose Powder

SLA Paris Professional Powder Brush

Try not to touch your face throughout the day. From keyboards to cash, our hands encounter a lot of bacteria that you don’t want anywhere near your face. Avoiding touching your face eliminates the chance of rubbing off your makeup as well as transferring bacteria and viruses that could cause acne, irritation and illness – requiring you to put more effort into the other steps tomorrow!

So to recap – Cleanse, tone, moisturise, prime, foundation, setting powder.
If you do the prep, use products suited to your skin and follow our application method, you’ll have photo ready skin all day long!

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