‘Paraben Free and Vegan Friendly HD Makeup by SLA Paris’

On Wednesday evening, the 24th September, the SLA Academy in Castle Hill, held an Industry Night for Professional Makeup Artists on “Paraben Free and Vegan Friendly HD Makeup”. Presented by the extremely talented Rachel Dal Danto, the jam-packed audience were enthralled by her two demonstrations and her extensive knowledge and techniques.

Rachel Dal Santo, former Department Head of Channel 7 Makeup, has 30 years experience in the film & television industry. Rachel expressed her excitement to have discovered SLA Paris, an award winning French professional brand that is Paraben Free, Phenoxyethanol and PEG Free. The brand also sources ingredients from Fair Trade and does not test on animals. Consumers and film & television talent alike are looking for eco-conscience brands that are natural and free of nasty preservatives, but that perform as a professional brands should. In 2013 SLA Paris won the ‘Innovation Award’ for their micronisation process, deeming them 10 times finer than any other in the world and perfect for HD makeup application.

Rachel demonstrated two incredibly different makeup looks throughout the course of the evening, a ‘Newsreader’ and a ‘Dancing with the Stars Contestant’ makeup. When asked what Rachel’s top HD Makeup tips were, her response was:

“Essentials for HD Television Make-up are:

  1. What appears to be a light makeup application when looking directly at the model can sometimes look like a heavy application through the HD camera. The trick is knowing how much makeup is enough to do the job required and make the skin look perfect, and how much makeup is too much.  This will also be dependent on lighting. The best way to know, is to check your makeup in the Technical Director’s monitor.
  2. Keep shine and gloss to a minimum.
  3. Depending on lighting, a colour applied to the lower lashes or under them can sometimes create an unwanted shadow, making the person look tired. It’s best to be cautious when working with unfamiliar lighting conditions and avoid make-up to this area.
  4. Make sure all concealer and foundation is well blended, and keep your powder application to a minimum when maintaining the makeup on set.

The key SLA Paris HD makeup products that Rachel highlighted were:

  • The SLA Makeup Studio (Complexion Smoother)
  • SLA Photo Foundation
  • SLA Special Corrective Pencil
  • SLA Luxury Powder Box and Magic Brush
  • SLA Bio Concealer
  • SLA Perfection Concealer
  • SLA Precious Silk Compact Powder
  • SLA HD Mascara in Black
  • SLA Magic Black 5 piece Eye Shadow Palette
  • SLA Mother of Pearl
  • SLA Micronised Soft Shadows
  • SLA Natural Perfect Lipstickphoto 5_Fotor

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