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SLA Paris Matte Eye Shadow Refills

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35mm Allow your imagination to run wild, play with colour effects, contrast, and lighting….

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  • Allow your imagination to run wild, play with colour effects, contrast, and lighting. All this is possible with the range of soft shadows offered by Serge Louis Alvarez.
  • The SLA Soft Shadows allow you to create beautiful make up effects, ranging from the most natural eyes to the most sophisticated, or intense looks. These versatile shadows can be applied to the eyes or to the cheeks, and their compact, velvety textures are available in matte, iridescent or satin finishes.

Texture and physiological characteristics:

  • The powders and pigments contained in these high qulaity soft shadows have been micronised to the degree that the dimension of each particle is between 2 and 4 microns. This lends extraordinary finesse to the pigments present in the formula, thereby permitting them to adapt light for multiple optical effects. The process of ultra micronisation provides these products with incomparable softness, comfort and extra long-lasting hold.

At the heart of the formula:

  • The presence of mica grants luminosity to the powder.
  • The ultra soft polymethylmetacrylate micro spheres create a fine, extremely adherent film, which glides on smoothly. The shadows are instilled with a luminous colour effect and a velvety touch that remains impeccable for hours.
  • The blending action of the natural origin talc provides softness and matte properties.
  • In addition, the presence of phenyltrimethicone allows these shadows to provide excellent coverage and a long-lasting hold due to the hydrophobicity of this agent.

Application protocol:

  • The silky texture of the soft shadows makes them very soft and easy to blend upon application.
  • For extra sparkle, apply a light shade over the entire eyelid using brush n°11, then shade off towards the eyebrow to create a halo effect using brush n°14.
  • To sculpt the eye, apply a light, iridescent colour over the entire eyelid up the brow, then apply a darker, matte shade to the crease using brush n°8.
  • When applied dry, they offer a light, natural, powdery result.
  • When moistened, the texture is creamier and the effect is more intense.


In order to protect the environment the SLA Soft Shadows are now only available as a 35mm refill discs.  You  simply choose whether you would like a solo, duo or trio empty magnetised palette and pop your shadows in.


Iridescent Eye Shadows are available in 30 shades.

Matte Eye Shadows are available in 28 shades.

Contains NO parabens, NO phenoxyethanol, and NO PEG

Product NOT tested on animals





79009 shell, 790110 tropical sand, 790136 tsunami, 790138 antarctica, 79015 pink seaweed, 790169 tornado, 790185 bay, 790188 lagoon, 79019 estuary, 79021 arctic, 79022 skyline, 79023 butterfly effect, 790231 landscape, 790249 hurricane, 790250 cyclone, 79029 zenith, 79034 earthquake, 79039 starfish, 79042 abyss, 79045 purple base rock, 79049 lightning, 79050 coral reef, 79064 sunrise, 79075 sunset, 79076 typhoon, 79090 atlantis, 79092 ocean drive, 79096 thunderstorm

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