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SLA Paris Infinite Matt Lipstick

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The Serge Louis Alvarez high intensity matte lipstick is rich and creamy, ensuring a…

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The Serge Louis Alvarez high intensity matte lipstick is rich and creamy, ensuring a perfect coverage.

Enjoy a feeling of lightness on the lips, whilst receiving an ultra intense pigmented and matte color. Lips are soft and smooth for a bright colour and intense result with a sensual and glamorous finish.

This product is ideal for:

–  A sensual and glamorous mouth

–  A dazzling velvet matte finish
–  Vibrant and intense colors.


Soft touch 3,5 g black lipstick.


The Infinite Matte lipstick provides an ultra colored texture with high concentration of pigments and opaque finishing.

For a perfect application, follow this application method :

1. Moisturise: apply Serge Louis Alvarez moisturizing B/O balm.
2. Characterise: redefine and correct the lip contour with the special SLA corrective pencil.

Draw the lip contour on the outside and fade off with a Serge Louis Alvarez lip brush.

Choose a pencil which is the color of the lipstick and draw the outline of the lips, inside them. Begin with the center of the mouth to define the V shape then join the ends. Then perform the opposite movement starting from the ends and joining the inner corner. Perform the same movements on the lower lip. Always perform large movements with soft touches.

3. Fill in: using the Serge Louis Alvarez lip brush, collect some product and apply the lipstick on the lip pencil with precise movements and little pressure. Start from the center and then apply on the whole lip.

4. Accentuate: apply the grape on the mouth to maximise the impact of color and the matte result.

5. Fix: blend off and remove any excess product by biting a tissue.


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