SLA Paris 5 Corrective Cream Concealer Palette


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5 x 2g

The SLA 5 Corrective Cream Luxury Palette is a professional tool for concealing and camouflaging.  This is made from an incredibly intense formula which assists you in concealing all imperfections, scaring, and tattoos and is ideal for all cream contour application.

How to use the palette of five natural beige shades:

  • To correct raised cutaneous flaws (pimples, scars etc), use a tint that perfectly matches with the foundation applied previously. If necessary, don’t hesitate to mix several shades to obtain the ideal colour.
  • Using the SLA brush n°6 or 8, apply the corrector over the imperfection to camouflage and lightly pat with the pre-cut sponge to blend the corrector with the foundation for a natural, smooth effect.
  • To soften shadows, under eye circles, wrinkles, or hollows, use a shade of corrector one shade lighter than the foundation previously applied. Using the SLA brush n°6 or 8, apply the corrector over the deep zones of the face that you wish to appear fuller, and pat with the sponge that you have chosen to blend the two textures.

How to use the palette of five colour correctors:

  • Yellow: used to correct blue or violet imperfections on the face, it subdues blue undertones and shadows under the eyes.  Apply the yellow corrector over the imperfection by patting lightly with the sponge previously used to blend the foundation, and then blend lightly for a seamless correction.
  • Orange: mixed with yellow, it allows the correction of intense blue imperfections such as haematoma or pronounced under-eye circles. Used alone, it can revive golden, dull or Mediterranean skin tones. Apply the corrector with the SLA brush n°8 over light zones, then blend using the pre-cut sponge.
  • Violet: revives yellow, sallow or Asian skin tones.
  • Green: can be used to mask red imperfections (pimples, rosacea, scars etc). Apply the corrector using the SLA brush n°6 or 8, then pat lightly with the pre-cut sponge to blend the pigments and conceal the red flaws.

Titanium dioxide, protects the skin from the sun, carnauba, bee and ozokerite waxes guarantee stability.

Shades Available

  • 950007 – White, ivory, beige, golden beige & brown
  • 950008 – White, green, purple, pink & orange
  • 950009 – White, beige, golden beige, brown, dark brown

96% ingredients from natural origins

Contains NO Parabens, NO Phenoxyethanol, and NO PEG

Product not tested on animals


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white/ivory/natural beige/golden beige/brown, white/green/purple/pink/orange, white/natural beige/golden beige/brown/dark brown


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