OMUM – The Organic Range for Pregnancy


OMUM Brand Presentation 2017-01

The first French range of ORGANIC and MATERNITY expert cosmetics

The Concept

I decided to create Omum after becoming pregnant. I discovered that it was very difficult to find safe skincare products,
both for the mother and the baby. In Europe, the monitoring of your pregnancy is based purely on medical meetings,
leaving out emotions and the intimate relationship formed between mother (and father) & baby. For those reasons,
I decided to create a different cosmetic brand that would reintroduce emotion into motherhood, offer a technical answer
to the specific needs of expecting mothers skins and would be safe for both baby & mother. That is how Omum, the first
organic and vegan brand specialised in the needs of the skin during and after pregnancy, was born in 2012.
Marie Pascale – Founder

Our 3 Key Points


OMUM has developed a new generation of ORGANIC Cosmetics that is sensory and innovative, whilst effectively utilising active ingredients.  We have created technical and efficient products to answer the specific needs of the skin during and after pregnancy.

A complete range of 8 complimentary products have been designed and Efficiency studies have been conducted under dermotological or gynaecological control.

We have created yummy and innovative comforting textures, with 100% natural fragrances, specially designed for expectant mothers’ sensitive sense of smell in mind.

Safety for both mum and baby have been guaranteed by an independent expert.
Omum products can be used from the very first month of pregnancy, and are compatible with breastfeeding.
Our products are developed under an organic formulation charter that excludes controversial ingredients (including essential oils, hormonal disruptors, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, parabens, or sodium laureate sulphate)

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