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My daily organic skin care regime

By our resident skin expert Chloe Marsh

Begin with the Kadalys 1,2,3 Cleansing system

I’m often asked ‘what is my favourite daily skin care regime?’ Do you currently have an easy ‘at home’ skin care routine? By applying just a few simple steps, to take care of your skin, you will be left feeling amazing about both yourself and the day ahead! My favourite daily skin care regime can be split into my morning routine and my evening routine. Here’s what I like to do…

Every morning when I wake up I always love to cleanse my face with the Kadalys Pure Melt Cleansing Oil-Gel…let me tell you, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling so fresh, clean and hydrated! It is 100% natural, certified organic and combines 4 new original vegetable oils with anti-aging and protective properties. You can do this in the shower or afterwards, depending on how much time you allow in your morning routine. This a simple and non-aggressive gesture for your face! (of an evening this product melts away your makeup by simply gently massaging into the skin and then washing off with a warm cloth).

If I have been wearing makeup my second step is to complete a second cleanse with the Kadalys Cleansing Gel.  This Gel will turn into a gorgeous foaming cleanser with the addition of water which will help eliminate any final elements of makeup on the skin.  Once you have massaged the entire complexion with the Cleansing Gel remove with a warm clean cloth.

Once I have cleansed my face I take a cotton pad and put 2-3 drops of the Kadalys Purifying Toner and wipe this over my T-zone and lightly over the rest of my face. This will remove any excess cleanser, makeup, dirt and impurities off your skin.

Finally I’ll use one pump of the Kadalys Musalis Day Cream that gives my skin the hydration needed for the day ahead without being too thick on my skin. It has a unique and concentrated combination of green banana powerful antioxidants and active ingredients such as; hyaluronic acid, ribose and lemon water.  What better way to start the day!

NB: If you have dry or dehydrated skin then substitute the Musalis Day Cream with the highly hydrating Musalift Day Cream!

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