Kadalys – First cosmetic brand to use banana tree active ingredients

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Shirley Billot, initiated early by her mother in Caribbean traditional medicine, developes exclusive active ingredients which concentrate all the cosmetic benefits of Banana tree. After 3 years of research, she launched KADALYS in sept 2012, the first cosmetic brand to use banana extracts: combining efficient skincare, authenticity and sophistication.
Our fragrance signature is a delicate and elegant scented perfume combining hesperidium, spiced and floral note. Except: radiance oil (fresh and floral scent of ylang and tiare) and banana lip balm (sweet banana flavour).





Referred to as Kadali in Sanskrit, the banana tree has been used by mankind for thousands of years, nourishing our imagination. Embodiment of the goddess of beauty, tree of thousand vertues, it holds a unique place in the Caribbean garden.
In traditional medecine, it is used externally for its healing and soothing properties. Kadalys combines this most ancient herb and the latest modern biotechnical achievements to develop new active ingredients “Musactif”.





100% NATURAL, ORGANICALLY CERTIFIED by ECOCERT Concentrated in bioactive ingredients from banane tree with an extraordinary anti-oxydant power, our GREEN and YELLOW Banana MUSACTIF fight against signs of ageing, by stimulating the skin’ natural mechanisms. Kadalys’ research gives the lastest high-tech actives ingredients with clinically proven results and a high content of anti-ageing molecules: Phytosterols with repairing and soothing qualities, Polyphenols with anti-free radical properties. Their promote the synthesis of collagen and the healthy organisation of dermal structure + 30% elastin, + 136% collagen




Kadalys works with producers of bananas from Guadeloupe and Martinique and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the environment.

Kadalys creates ethical exclusive active ingredients, certified organic by ECOCERT and originally 100% traceable and includes sophisticated formulas to useful active ingredients, effective and in affinity with the skin.




Unique beauty rituals designed by KADALYS combining performance and the natural properties of banana to preserve youthful skin and refine all kinds of beauty. 4 ranges of care tailored to the skin to effectively fight against the signs of ageing:

Musaclean: Cleansing cares for a soft, clean and luminous skin
Musalis 1st wrinkles: Prevention of the first signs of ageing
Musalift visible wrinkles: Correction of the visible signs of ageing
Precious Oils: Multipurpose care for skin, hair and lips




3 awards in September 2013 at the Victoire de la Beauté Awards, the prestigious French prize in the field of cosmetic products. Kadalys submitted three different products— Musaclean peel, Green Banana nutritive oil and Musalis serum were praised for their texture, perfume and efficacy.
2 Beauty challenger Awards ”Press favourite and Emerging brand award at Cosmeeting Paris which focuses on the most promising brands and stages a competition that is highly valued by industry players and specialists.
14th national competition for innovative techno (2012): Nominated by French Ministry of Research.