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Very close to the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean, there is one of the greatest miracle of nature, The Dead Sea. Beside it lies Massada, the largest natural defence declared a World Heritage Site.

The minerals and muds obtained from the Dead Sea have been part of the selected raw materials used by Massada Natural Therapy since 1997 to strengthen the body and provide innovative treatments in the field of health and aesthetics.

Begona Vega, founder of Massada Natural Therapy, has been researching how to help achieve overall well-being through the best of nature for over 30 years, since outer beauty does not exist without inner balance.

As a result of her hard work, in depth knowledge and experience, today Massada represents top quality and innovative techniques in aesthetics and natural therapies for body and facial care. It promotes exclusive products and treatments for both body and mind to achieve the harmony of holistic beauty and health.



Massada is the result of Begona Vega’s passion for responding to professional aesthetic needs from a holistic perspective that take into account both the physical and emotional state of a person. Her research on biotherapeutics and phytocosmetology have led to the development of an innovative type of treatment: The Ecoa Method.

Energy, colour and scent. These are three axes of the Ecoa Method. The active principles of plants together with R & D in cosmetics are applied using techniques that correct the imbalances in the body-mind-spirit synergies and help prevent damage, slow down the ageing process, improve quality of life and enhance beauty.

This unique working method understands aesthetics in a comprehensive way and enables us to customise each treatment in order to achieve maximum benefits and results. Totally safe, through the Ecoa Method each person can maximise their physical, mental and emotional potential. Its effectiveness is based on the combination of a collection of natural therapies of the following biotherapeutic disciplines:

Natural Cosmetology
Music Therapy


Massada Natural Therapy is a new concept in the world of beauty and personal care. Tradition and innovation join forces in a unique working method, the Ecoa Method, it uses 100% natural products that embody the best of nature.

Massada has its own R & D laboratory. One team works permanently in the research of new lines and has developed the most extensive range of treatments as well as natural and mineral cosmetics for facial and body care.

The raw materials are all natural products. They are then subjected to the most advanced technological processes to enhance their skills and increase their benefits through new formulae, textures and application methods. Excellence in quality can be found in the whole laboratory and production process, which follows the strictest pharmacological and bacteriological regulations.

A healthy strong and beautiful skin reflects the body’s well-being and the relaxed state of the mind. Massada makes it possible to achieve it through its natural cosmetics with high mineral content which balance deficiencies and awaken the senses.

Discovering the pleasure of scents and the sensuousness of textures is possible due to the combination of raw materials used – plant extracts, vitamins, salts and muds from the Dead Sea, BIO essential oils and floral waters – with a high concentration of innovative active elements such as pearls, liquid gold, yoghurt and mushrooms.


From the careful selection of all natural and mineral raw materials from the Dead Sea, Jordan, Japan, Chile, Senegal or France to the development of production techniques, excellence characterises Massada. Its working system is based on the rigorous application of stringent quality control in each process and respect of the environment.

The formulae contain the highest percentage of natural active elements and are known for their innovative galenics and texture. Products as diverse as pearl and yoghurt gelatine, liquid gold mousse, vegetable extracts macerated with first cold-pressed oils or Massada gels, including striking oils and plants in their composition are examples of constant innovation.

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